We are Danish trade company, and we have a passion for quality in the food product segments. We have more than 25 years of experience within trading on the Danish market. We have over time build knowledge and understanding for and of customer needs, with respect for the environment, ethics and morals. Our business is based on good business acumen and the good personal relations.

  • We offer our customers high quality products, produced with respect for the environment.
  • The products are carefully selected and contribute to the good experience that our customers are looking for.
  • We want to position ourselves as an uncompromising supplier that sells experiences in niche segments.


  • We want to be a professional supplier, that offers our customers a good experience, based on quality and the good history of the products.
  • With a fair concept we offer our customers transparency. We guarantee hassle-free delivery and good service without any compromise.
  • Our goal is to become a strong supplier in niche segments, supplying products for the Danish market.


We offer product experiences from all over the world.